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What we offer


What we offer

As life care managers, we advocate and navigate a host of issues, facilities and services for senior clients, their family members, and other responsible parties.

A clear plan and peace of mind brought by purposeful action are merely a couple of the priceless benefits care managers offer to both individuals and families. See below for a general list of services and expertise we can provide. 


& assessment

Longterm needs assessment & planning

Client advocacy

Family mediation

Emotional support for client & responsible parties

Emergency assistance

Crisis management & prevention

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Healthcare & financials

Medical care monitoring

Facilitation of communication with healthcare providers

Memory care support

Person-centered care

Legal & financial referrals

Coordination of government assistance, insurance & other benefits

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& lifestyle

Preservation of client independence

Arrangement of outside activities

Home health oversight

Residential transition management

Recommendation & implementation of home safety changes

Assessment, improvement & structuring of daily habits

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Where we serve

With homebase in Charlotte, NC, our daily primary service area includes Charlotte-Mecklenburg and all surrounding counties in the Carolinas within reasonable driving distance. 


Additionally we have worked with clients as far as California and Boston, and because every job is customized based on varying constraints, client preferences and financial support, we are able and willing to get creative with logistics when the situation warrants. Some situations only require remote management, communications and scheduling; but additionally Aging Optimist schedules overnights, drives great distances and/or air travels to assist clients and their families when warranted, feasible and financially responsible. 


We have also spent years fostering relationships with a large elder care collaborative of vetted experts, and are able to tap into our geographically widespread industry network to the advantage of our clients and responsible parties. 

Where we serve
How we work
How we work
  • We save clients and responsible parties money and time.

  • We serve other people's loved one(s) as our own.

  • We provide 24/7 coverage.

  • We provide aging life care management services consistent with the CLIENT'S needs.

  • We refer to vetted experts if Aging Optimist is not the best option for any given scenario. We have partners who act on Aging Optimist's behalf.

  • We offer free initial 20 minute phone consultations.



Interested in learning more about this process? What more details on our rates? Great - let's discuss. After an initial phone call, we will email our agreement for your review and you can decide if we are a fit. If so, we will plan for a virtual or in-person assessment, care plan development and report with next steps. You decide if you need one hour of help or a partner in care. Our team's expertise includes psychology, activity programming, memory care, social work, nursing, and gerontology.

Questions? We're listening.
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