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Who we are

Aging Optimist's purpose is to foster resilience by sourcing excellence in crisis or calm.


We are also guided by these philosophies: Be open to experiences and people. Find out everyone’s strengths and how to leverage to help others. Be of service. Listen, ask questions, understand needs, establish goals, and teach back.


Create care plans that include self-care for client and caregiver. Provide the best solution in a timely manner critical to the client’s success. Always put the client and their family or responsible parties first, even if it means losing the client to another care manager. 


Admit when wrong, and learn from mistakes. Provide a plan of action which may include referrals to best practices or practitioners, because we seek to serve the client to the best of our ability, which includes bringing in expert resources or referring to others if we cannot personally provide the best care.


Aging Optimist, LLC is a member of Aging Life Care™, a U.S. association of care management professionals. Aging Life Care™ is also known as geriatric care management, a holistic, person-centered approach to caring for older adults or others facing ongoing health challenges.

Who we are

Age like you mean it.

Who we help

The ideal client is the one who is preparing for the future or in the midst of unexpected chaos and is willing to accept help for their own peace of mind, professionally or personally. Family caregivers are not the only people who can’t sleep at night; trust officers, financial planners and attorneys carry the burden too.


Although Aging Optimist is located in Charlotte, NC, we are available for phone consultation and face-to-face visits in underserved areas. For example, in one case, we coordinated move management services from N.C. to Cape Cod, MA.

Who we help
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Crisis Intervention

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There are some distinct, problematic trends that Aging Optimist is focused on mitigating and resolving for our clients and their responsible parties, which include lack of resources and service for seniors and cuts to services; inability to get a single answer from providers; increasingly complex medical issues, provider communication and health coverage questions; senior exploitation; and lack of understanding of benefits provided by Medicare, among other common issues.

It's time to contact us if you think we could service you or a loved one in any of these 8 fundamental areas of knowledge and expertise.


Also check through our lists of specific personal and professional reasons to discover if it's the ideal time for you to channel Aging Optimist.


To say Julie is a amazing at what she does is an understatement. When it came to transitioning our father from his home to community, she handled each detail with finesse, compassion and respect. From juggling a rather challenging individual (an understatement) - to logistics of his belongings, the move, family dynamics, culture, the settling in and matching him with a stellar local contact, technology to keep him connected, and more - she pulled it all off beautifully (and with a limited budget and timeline)! Not only is the whole family still speaking, but we're perhaps more united as a result. I would recommend her highly to anyone that is looking to handle this challenging shift in their family. In addition, she has extensive knowledge and understanding of opportunities in positive aging. I have used her as a resource in my research to understand the impact and opportunities for the aging population.


daughter of Ralph, 75

Mill Valley, CA

I had the privilege of working with Julie Bolt while she was with Ezra Home Care. She coordinated the care for an elderly married couple who were both suffering from dementia. I have never seen such dedication, compassion, and perseverance. Julie's clients are treated like her own family members. She never stops working on their behalf, constantly advocating for them in order to obtain and sustain optimum care. Her work ethic is incomparable. I feel her most outstanding character traits are compassion and empathy for her clients and their families. It was a joy to work with her. She truly makes a difference in the lives she touches.


responsible party for Bob, 70 (mild cognitive impairment; Asperger's) & wife Jean, 85 (dementia)

Boston, MA

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