I receive a lot of calls about how to get started with help for seniors at home. The number one source I begin with is a Medicare covered service know as home health care. IT IS FREE; if you have Medicare.

If you find you or your loved one is having a more difficult time walking, taking a shower, wounds that won’t heal or their balance is off, then call your primary care physician and ask for an order for home health agency services, covered by Medicar...

GRO 120: Gerontology

This course covers the psychological, social, and physical aspects of aging. Emphasis is placed on the factors that promote mental and physical well-being. Upon completion, students should be able to recognize the aging process and its psychological, social, and physical aspects.

Central Campus

Credit Hours: 3.00

Contact Hours: 3.0

Term: Spring 2018 (1/11/2018 — 5/11/2018)

Format: Mostly Classroom/Lab with required Online...

According to M-W.com, serendipity is the phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.

Serendipity happened to me on Tuesday, October 17, 2017. 

I was early to the airport - only because I was flying standby.  Over the PA, I heard the invitation to come to Gate 38 to welcome WWII, Korea and Vietnam War Veterans to D.C. I grabbed Biskit and my bag and gathered with the crowd. There were flags, a quartet, an ambient buzz.  


Are you a member of Mecklenburg County over the age of 60? Would you like to participate in a questionnaire about services for older adults in your community? You may be eligible to participate in an exciting opportunity to share your opinions on community services and needs for older adults in Charlotte/Mecklenburg County, through a study conducted by the Gerontology Program at UNC Charlotte.

The main goal of this study is to learn about the health st...

I hope you've had a chance to tour my new website, and that you've enjoyed getting to know more about us! I would love to hear any feedback, questions or suggestions for things you would like to read or learn about in the future from the Aging Optimist blog. It is my goal for this blog to evolve and grow exponentially, so that it will eventually become a go-to resource for the Aging Life Care community and all the wonderful folks that we serve....

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